The Majestic Cathedrals of El Salvador

If you love neoclassical architecture with unique and singular styles then you will be interested in knowing a little about the history of the cathedrals of El Salvador. Here we show you these impressive cathedrals that are waiting for you.

Santa Ana Cathedral

Santa Ana City Tour

Santa Ana City Tour

It is well said that big things have small beginning. At least this is the popular history of the Santa Ana Cathedral. During the transfer of the image of the Lady of Santa Ana, the religious figure mysteriously increased her weight, turning it impossible to move. The locals interpreted this situation as if the image was saying: “I do not want to leave this place”.

The national architect Rafael Alas cataloged this structure as “Neo Gothic”. It is a thought that defines a beautiful and magnificent place full of Faith, Grandeur and Delicacy very well known in all the country. It is recognized as an architectural jewel and a major tourist attractions in El Salvador.

Currently, there is accurate data revealing that in the cathedral was built the central parish of the city which was semi-destroyed by lightning, starting reconstruction when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Ana emerged. With the passage of time was beautified to become what it is now.

Where is it located?

This great place is located in the center of the “Brunette City” in Santa Ana on 5th Avenue North 1 at 1 hour 24 minutes (73 km) from San Salvador in the “Parque Libertad”, Santa Ana.

If you loved this place, we are sure that the structure that follows will fascinate you with its unique style.

San Salvador Metropolitan Cathedral

Layover Tour

Catedral Metropolitana San Salvador


Do you know where the crypt of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero is?

At the Cathedral of San Salvador, there is a special place that harbors a space called “The Crypt”. Precisely just below the altar of the Temple, a funerary monument raised on the tomb of Martyr Oscar Romero, a character known for preaching in defense of human rights and for to have been killed during the celebration of a mass.

In this same place behind the mausoleum of Monsignor Romero, the niches that containing the remains of bishops, archbishops and some important lay for the Catholic Church such as them Enrique Alvarez Córdova.

The Cathedral of San Salvador is the main church of the Catholic Archdiocese dedicated to the Divine Savior of the World with the mystery of his transfiguration. The same Cathedral has suffered several tragedies which did not permit enlarge it. One of these tragedies was an earthquake that forced their parishioners to move their temple temporarily to the municipality of Cojutepeque. Nevertheless, despite of the damage caused by the earthquake, it was rebuilt and made of refined wood with the intention to build a more flexible structure against to quakes. Unfortunately, it was consumed by fire.

Where is it located?

This beautiful architectural structure is located at Avenida Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero and 2 Avenida Sur # 213, in the historic center of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Did you find it interesting? Be prepare to what awaits for you at the East of our country.

San Miguel Cathedral

Catedral de San Miguel El Salvador

Catedral de San Miguel El Salvador

All starts by bit to become into something majestic. This great phrase is reflected in the construction of the Cathedral Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Peace that is popularly known as: The Oriental Pearl.

In fact, the construction of this beautiful structure took exactly 100 years to be built. In addition, many of the materials with which it is built this Catholic church are imported, such as stained glass windows that depicting biblical figures, the altar made of marble, the unique bells.

This cathedral may accommodate 2,000 people making it in the second Catholic Church with greater capacity in El Salvador. It is also the tallest building in the whole Eastern Zone. Because of this, the Cathedral of San Miguel is the most prominent monument of the Historical Center and one of the cultural treasures of this city.

According to official documents, the colonial chapel was built in the mid-sixteenth century shortly after the founding of the city. Popular stories tell that after the appearance of the Virgin of the Peace in 1693 on the Pacific Coast near the shores of the Gulf of Fonseca this beautiful image was found by some merchants in a wooden box fully closed. The sculpture was moved on a donkey who could not get up to get to the main square of San Miguel. At that time, the people decided to build a temple to the Virgin in this place.

With the passing of the years and due to the deterioration that already had the Shrine, the church authorities decided to demolish the old Parish Church to make way for the new building: a larger temple that would serve as a place of worship for the Virgin. Its construction was driven by Captain General Gerardo Barrios president of El Salvador in 1862 who laid the foundation stone of the temple.

Where is it located?

This magnificent structure is located 136 kilometers from San Salvador at 4th Avenue, between the 4th Street East and East Second Street, San Miguel. The journey takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from San Salvador City.

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