Coatepeque Lake

Coatepeque Lake Tour

El Salvador Coatepeque Lake Tour


Located about one hour from San Salvador, Coatepeque Lake (Nahuatl cōātepēc, “at the snake hill”) is a volcanic caldera in El Salvador in Central America. The caldera was formed during a series of major rhyolitic explosive eruptions between about 72,000 and 57,000 years ago. Since then, basaltic cinder cones and lava flows formed near the west edge of the caldera, and six rhyodacitic lava domes have formed. The youngest dome, Cerro Pacho, formed after 8000 BC

It is a beautiful and magical destination with clean blue water crater-shaped lake with 6 kms wide and 120 meters deep, surrounded by steep green slopes rising up 250 to 500 meters. Along the shore of the lake there are several private beach houses as this is a popular salvadorean weekend get-a-way.

Next to the lake you can visit the famous Cerro Verde National Park which is part of the “Lake & Volcano Complex” cataloged as the second “8th Wonder of the World” according to Virtual Tourist. Here you can choose for several activities, walking tours and hikings that will suit the travelers need.

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