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Suchitoto Colonial Town El Salvador

Suchitoto, El Salvador Tourism Cultural Capital

The beautiful city of Suchitoto, colonial – style houses, cobbled streets and is known as the cultural capital of El Salvador for their commitment to promoting art in its various expressions. Suchitoto, in language Nahuatl means “place of bird flower” and is located between theGuazapa volcano and the Lempa River, 47 kilometers from San Salvador.

He earned the title of city on July 15, 1858 and was head of the department of Cuscatlanuntil 12 November 1861.

Suchitlán on Lake guapotes, bream, catfish, pepescas of several species are caught and can make tours of its islands “Birds” and “Hermit”.

The boats depart from San Juan modern port, which is a resort that offers multiple services such as feeding and resting areas. There you can access the ferry to transport vehicles to the northern shore of the lake, where you can visit the towns of San Luis del Carmen and San Francisco Lempa.

Two kilometers east of Suchitoto is a geological formation known as “The Thirds” which is a true natural curiosity.

A 7 kilometers southeast of Suchitoto is the Valley of Bermuda, with remains of foundations damaged by tillage. These traces correspond to the second Villa of San Salvador. That was founded by Captain Diego de Alvarado, on April 1, 1528.

A place to visit in Suchitoto is the Museo Casa de Don Alejandro Coto, where you can admire valuable works of pictorial art, a reliquary of religious art and a beautiful view of Lake Suchitlán.


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