Casa Degraciela

In 1920 , Doña Graciela Jimenez, spoused to Don Alfonso Cornejo Guerrero, lived in this house built in the late nineteenth century. Despite being a married couple, they both used to live in different houses as an unusual way of being married. Don Alfonso was a man who was strictly commited to agriculture, especially, the coffee business and he prefered to keep his ‘workspace’ in another house across the park, the house where he lived in. Doña Graciela was fully commited to the house chores and she prefered not to get involved with her husband’s work affairs. People who have worked for both of them, say that every single day Don Alfonso would come to visit her for lunch, in the afternoon they both would have a cup of coffee and arroz con leche (Don Alfonso’s favorite dessert), and when the sun came down he would have dinner with her, it was a ritual: Playing boleros, having a glass of brandy and smoking an Habano.

Currently the house is owned by Doña Graciela’s grandson and great-grandson and over the years, this house has been used as a rest home. During the past 15 years, the house has always been an attraction to both national and international tourists who would ask to go inside the house just to take pictures. Nowdays, Casa Degraciela opens the doors as a Boutique Bed & Breakfast to receive anyone who appreciates an environment of elegance and good taste, privacy and of course, an outstanding quality of service.

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What to expect?

We are a specialized tourism business that provides acommodation services under the concept of “Boutique Bed & Breakfast “, focused on exceeding our guests expectations throughout excellence and an effective service attitude, and thereby, contribute to the local tourism development.