Misión de Angeles Boutique Hotel

Mision de Angeles hides a charming, pleasant and elegant stay 0n the outskirts of the beautiful city of Ataco.

Ataco which in Nahuatl means “place high Manantiales” is a pre – Columbian city founded by Pipil tribes. The people painted of many colors on the walls and great joy, is that when walking in their old cobblestone streets will see in every place, in every corner, a smile on its inhabitants, surrounded by a variety of cafes, restaurants and sales crafts. At night the city of Ataco seems to be a cosmopolitan destination, ready to welcome tourists and visitors very discerning tastes. Since it is a cozy place that combines moments of our roots and enjoy the best food and entertainment.

Hotel Mision Angeles is an elegant and different concept of stay, surrounded by cobbled streets, cobblestone and old adobe houses, located in a beautiful and special place, wrapped in a green and lovely landscape, at the gates of excellent cuisine and in full contact with nature.

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What to expect from Mision de Angeles?

Hotel Mision de Angeles is a high-style destination with beautiful interiors. Surrounded by a lush garden setting, this unique and impressive design hotel offers lovely and exquisite details, a cozy atmosphere and national artwork. Hotel Mision de Angeles is ideally located so that visitors enjoy a special place wrapped in a green and lovely landscape, at the gates of excellent cuisine and full contact with nature. Hotel Mision de Angeles has a stunning decoration and an intimate and relaxing environment. The Hotel provides cozy and airy rooms and a delicious gourmet cuisine.